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Awww thank you guys!

I appreciate the love and well wishes.

I wish you all very much the same and have a wonderful Easter!












It’s funny because Americans wont get it

this is killing me. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

i was tempted to write what it means, but then i thought

no, let them suffer

i’m suffering


Okay, I’m going to take a gander at this.

(I have no idea why I was compelled to use that expression.)

Is “auto class” the same thing as driver’s education?

Hmm. Is part of it a “the screen is fried” pun? 

oh my fucking god

this is adorable

I’m American

and I get this 

I love this so much but I love the comments more

Oh my god. Fellow americans. How do you not understand.

I’m here to spoil everything!

You see what we call french fries are called chips in other places outside of the United States. Chipping when it comes to food is to take something larger and to break it down into smaller pieces. For those of you who live in the south you might know of chipped beef and gravy. Same concept but it’s the potato that’s been chipped. As for why we call them french fries instead of chips is actually a history lesson. Back in World War I or as some would like to call it the Great War, many different armed allied forces when they meet usually exchanged food, music and other creature comforts that the others may not be enjoying. When American troops met Belgian forces one of those things that the Belgians shared was their love for fried potatoes. But instead of having the potatoes into fine hash whole halves instead they cut them Juliette style (long and thin) before frying them and then seasoning them with salt. The Americans got a taste for them and brought this dish back home where some of them introducing to diners and other small restaurants. This quickly grew in popularity. Now potatos may had already been served like this back in the States. However there was a significant increase in popularity on this dish after the war. The only reason we call them french fries it because the Belgians that were met who prepared them spoke French. We could have easily called them German fries but not likely as we were fighting them at the time along side the British, French and Belgian forces as there are German speakers in Belgian to. So have some food for thought next time you get a basket of fries or chips however you want to call them

Finally Finished!

Having nothing else better to do given that I won’t have any time with family I was able to accomplish getting everything out from storage into my new place. It feels so good to have this finished. All is left to do now is unpack and put things away.


This article by EQD sheds a little more light on Stellar Eclipse, including the fact he was added into the show as part of the Make-A-Wish foundation. This gives me even more credence (including a request from the VA/his family to not release too much information so he won’t be bombarded by bronies) to why you should not be making pornographic images of this character. If he doesn’t want to be contacted by bronies, I really, highly, supremely doubt he wants you guys to be making adult content with his original character.

I can relate and understand his feelings to not have his OC be included in pictures that are nsfw that was not asked permission for. Before anyone of you tries to say that his character’s image is free for use because how public it is imagine yourself having your own character being used in artwork you’d never approve of. Wouldn’t that upset you? I know this is more of an appeal to the masses and I know not everyone is going to listen or respect this however I’m with a lot of others who believes strongly that creators retain a certain level of rights as to how their image is used. Parody and first ammendment rights are admirable and must be protected however because you have the ability to do something or say something doesn’t always mean it is the ethical thing to do. If anything this is more a plea of restraint and respect of another human being. Don’t take any of what has been said as people on soap boxes trying to defend creator rights and trademark laws. No matter what your stance is in all of this I do appreciate all of you who took the time to read this and other similar posts like this.

What Easter is For Me

Easter Sunday is typically a time you spend with family. Usually it will be an Easter egg hunt, if your religious you’ll be spending time at your church, and if you’re in my family everyone pitches in for the big Easter dinner. I know Easter is not usually a big holiday for others because they’re either not a Christian or because they’re secular. But anyone can and should be able to enjoy the festivities and maybe observe and learn the religious aspect of the holiday.

As for myself with my family I was raised Catholic. For me Easter was one of the feast days that I most looked forward to outside of that Christmas. I’m not going to however extol my religious beliefs on all of you because those beliefs had changed over the years and became something else from what I was originally taught at church. Instead I would like to say that it’s still a very wonderful holiday. I don’t know if its the same in your community but in mine everyone on Easter seems a little nicer a little more courteous and I get a better sense of love and actual community from my neighbors. Whether you are a Christian, non-Christian, secular, or an atheist I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday.



Would too much sugar lead to Cavi - tea?

Tomorrow is going to be strange…

For the first time ever I can remember due to an unfortunate set of circumstances with my family? I’ll be totally alone this Easter.

You see, all my sisters but one are married and have kids. The ones with their own kids are intending to spend their Easter to themselves this year due to the fact no one organized a get-together. As for the one with out a kid and unmarried, she is going to meet her boyfriend’s family for Easter which I’m actually really excited for her. This new boyfriend of hers is so good to her and he is making a big leap forward in impressing me. As for my parents they are still down in Florida with my dad recovering from surgery… That poor guy is using a walker to keep mobile. Kinda funny to think about that actually, he was always too stubborn to sit down and relax. Always working or had some project he had to focus on… For the first time in his life he actually has to BE still! Doctors orders! I can just hear him now griping and grumbling about it.

But yeah, extended family too is out of the picture as they have their own parties and get together. So my Easter will be an odd solitary one.




Well… Compared to the four pages worth of deletions never had I had cats & and cake appear in the same pictures.

You win!

Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Dedicated to a certain follower who spent his/her entire day submitting cat and cake pictures to my blog. Thanks!