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Warm-up. :3  Everyone loves shy birdhorse.


Milagra Lilac for Scarlet Rose, drawn from reference.  n.n

Milagra Lilac Regulus. The always lovely~ She’s been a best friend to me and I can not ask for a better pony to be that friend. My cousin Joseph is a lucky stallion to have her as a wife, and apparently she loves to take advantage of his private office for surprise visits like this one!



A Sketch on the Spot that’s been on the way for a while!  Cephas is sweet on Scarlet after a long day at the office. :3  How cute.

Rosey has been a glorious sweetheart ever since I met her a long time ago. Her beautiful, comforting words always perk me up after a hard days work, so why not return the favor? :3

I don’t have the words of wisdom she does but nothing can go wrong with a freshly made martini, a red rose and a kiss for my royal friend of love and sweetness, Scarlet Rose. <3

((THANK YOU SALI!! I’m loving this pic so much right now! Very cute! :D))

How hilariously fitting given I just got home and did in fact had a terribly long day at my office. This was incredibly sweet of you Red to had gotten this for me. Thank you so very very much!


mushyroom05 asked: Okay so I really like this one guy. He's one of my best friends and we're pretty close. I thought I had a chance to be with him but I didn't want to ruin our friendship so I stayed quiet. But personally it's really hard for me to hide my feelings of affection so I guess I made it really obvious that I like him. So I'm pretty sure he knows and I think he's a little weirded out. I also tend to have a problem with jealousy. There's a girl that he's a lot closer with and I'm pretty jealous. Plz help

This friend of yours is clearly important to you and you respect this relationship you have with him so far. But if you want this relationship to possibly become something more intimate? You are going to have to put yourself out there. Hints, and flirtations are one thing but if he isn’t ready to make a move or isn’t inclined too then no amount of subtly will help. With respect, if I was in your position I would take the time to talk to him in private and have a heart to heart… but before you have this sit down? I would really go over my feelings and try and discern if this feeling really a romantic feeling of love and companionship and not a “need” of companionship and it is just “convenient” that it’s with a friend. If you can say to yourself that this feels “right” then it’s time you move forward. Start acting towards him more then friends, look him in the eyes as you talk see how he reacts, be friendly, playful even in your conversations and finally when you think you’re ready? Find an opportunity to speak with him in private. Don’t just blurt it out because not everyone can take it that way, show some tact and clear the air with some hints towards your real feelings for him. Don’t take over the conversation or go into a long winded “speech” about how you love him. Let the conversation happen naturally. Actively listen when he speaks, and smile as you talk. Whatever you do? Don’t backpedal your feelings. Once you tell him that your attracted to him? Don’t deny it, own up to it. No matter the outcome let him know that no matter what you value your relationship with him. If he rejects? It isn’t the end of the world or your relationship with him. Be mature and humbly accept that it’s okay not to have a deeper connection with him and tell him that you’re okay with that. If he needs space to think on it? Give him that space and respect it, let him come to you. If he takes too long to answer? Only then seek him and do so politely. If he accepts but isn’t ready? Then offer to help however you can. Ultimately? It will be better to share this feeling and not to hide it then to never act on it … or worse act on it out of spite or jealousy.

I wish you all the luck in the world

askteabagcrumpets asked: I really want a relationship. I want the opportunity to make someone else's life happier more than anything else. But luck is never on my side. Any girl I'm romantically interested in lives far away or is with someone else. I tried long distance relationships, but they only make me happy for so long. What are my options?

Reading your question, I have to say that I appreciate your desire to bring happiness to another person being your main focus and drive in looking for a relationship, a partner in life. However I should stress that many people when they are seeking relationships are quick to fall into certain assumptions that do ruin their chances in finding the love they are seeking. I do not know from you what you’ve experienced so far in your seeking for love or for that matter your approaches and were you have gone to find love. But I find that there are certain things we all do when we seek love and I will try my best to my ability to underline these assumptions that affects everyone when they look for that partner.

The first of these assumptions is that many people feel that if they are single then there must be something wrong with them… This is truly not the case. Just because you have no one romantically attached to you in your life now does not make you less of a person or less deserving of finding person to share your life with. If you find if you’re in a place in your life right now that you are content with yourself in your situation don’t allow others to pressure you to find a relationship if you feel right now is not the time.

Now if you are seeking someone and you chose this for yourself not because someone else told you to? Avoid telling yourself and believing in yourself the following: “I have very high standards”, ” I always fall for the wrong person”, ” I’m too independent and need my freedom”…

Belief in any of these will result in failed attempts at cultivating relationships.

Having high standards is one thing but you can easily use that as an excuse to replace and screen out anyone who doesn’t match your criteria. He’s too fat, she doesn’t like my sport, he’s too short, etc etc… Often when we create these standards it comes from a place of self defense. We want to avoid being hurt emotionally from rejection, if you’re too afraid to approach someone because of the artificial standard you have made? Then you may never find that person. You shouldn’t say you have high standards instead you should have good standards. Good standards would be… is this person someone I can see myself spending time with? Does this person have ambitions and goals that matches or complement my own? Do I feel safe with this person? Do I honestly feel attracted to this person and are they attracted to me?

As for falling in love with the wrong person? For some there are people out there for whatever reason feel secretly they don’t deserve any better then what they have available to them. This can be an issue of low selfesteem on a product of their current situation and environment. Either way or if both are the case? The truth is that such a person who feels this way needs to take time to think about their needs and the kind of people they approach. If they see that the people that they normally approach have self destructive habits? And maybe it’s time for them to walk away from such toxic people and environments and find healthier situations. For some it’s not always easy to walk away, they can feel entrapped. And if you are in that kind of situation do whatever it takes to reach out outside of what you perceive are your captors. Use whatever resources you have to reach the world outside and never sell yourself short of your abilities. There is an escape from abusive relationships, the first step is with you.

And lastly once you are outside or you finally found someone you feel confident enough to be a partner? Do not be afraid of co-dependence. You can be independent and strong all you want. But the foundation of any good relationship is trust. It is very hard to give trust to someone else who can become so attached to you emotionally because we all are afraid of the idea of someone violating that trust. That fear is universal no matter your culture, sex, any other demographic. When we say we must keep our independence even when we’re in a relationship we say that out of fear that perhaps something may go wrong and we must fall back on to ourselves because it only ourselves we can trust the most. So to give someone else access to your emotions so deeply and intimately can be a frightening prospect but the reward is a much more rich and loving environment.

Your options in finding love first start with conquering these assumptions. After that it is really your call what is the best approach for you to find that person. You might find them at work, at an event you share, you might meet them through your mutual friends, who knows you might be already friends with that person. Just don’t close your eyes from the possibilities.

So I was driving home thinking about what I wanted for dinner… looked to my drivers side window and saw a double rainbow and a Burger King underneath. .. okay BK you win this round


And the separate pictures, because they’re cuties. n.n

Awww! Thank you so much Sali~

I especially love how cute Dove is in this. I wanna so snuggle that cute little griffon boy~


A couple Days ago I got a super nice message from my wonderful friends, askscarletrose and had no ability to respond in a more vocal manner..

So I drew this instead.
I really cant thank her for all the kindness and support over the last 2+ years~


I’m just speechless … Hobbs you had really out done yourself. I’m feel so privileged to had watched you grown as an artist. Line art alone is mouth dropping good but I can see so much of your fine tuned talent in this. Amazing choices for colors, dynamic pose, movement, smart choices for shading and shadowing, and a sharp awareness of anatomy.

I appreciate your friendship so much Hobbs, keep being the sweet person you are! You totally earned all the praise and friends you’ve received and deserve even more. Love you so much~



They don’t just come naturally. You’ve gotta work at them!


Oh dear Lord I still have one of those thigh masters too!