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askcephie asked: I know right?? I mentioned something about breasts in my mod blog, only tagging it as NSFW, and suddenly I have 6 or 7 porn blogs following it! The flabbergast was strong in that one. O-o

Sometimes Tumblr disappoints me…

What the what!?

So I posted one video about love and how people define it. Naturally I like to tag my posts so I included sex as one of the lines as it’s related. Now I got flooded by a host of porn blogs that are all untitled and are likely attached to a bot.

What is love? - Brad Troeger

Take a moment and think what loves means for you. What it means in the lives of the people you spend time with. How would you define it? Can you define it? And why do we all seek it?

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Give it to me

So yall just not gon give us the name of this beautiful item?


For anyone wondering: She used MAC’s Nightmoth lip pencil and Make Up Store’s Atomic LED lipgloss 

Scarlet Rose I found your lip gloss!

Can’t argue with you on that. It looks like she painted the night sky on those lips. Loving it~


SotS for Scarlet Rose of her cosplaying as Emma Frost!  Lucian is helping his sister out because illusions aren’t her forte.

Emma Frost is one of my all time favorites from Marvel Comics. Thank you so much Sali for doing this for me. Love how it turned out.







Rest in peace, hub network. 

welp this sucks  more than when toonami was cancled.

What are you all on?

I call fake because I can’t read the full story. Bring on the facts, or this won’t be believed.

Okay. Here you go.

Equestria Daily as well.

The over-exaggerations in this fandom give me such headaches.

So let me see…

Discovery wants to regain a majority share of the “Hub” network which was formerly Discovery kids. While it has been somewhat profitable for both parties (Hasbro and Discovery) they wish to regain a majority share to regain more control over it’s programming and in turn to gain higher profits for themselves.

Honestly, I’m not seeing to much of a big deal here. Hasbro’s IP had greatly improved the turn out of viewership on this station by comparison to what it was before. Not only that, it had sparked a massive new fandom (I love me some ponies), it catered to two very deeply marketable multi-generation fandoms as well (Transformers/GI Joe) and thanks to Hasbro’s deep pockets pulled out from nowhere lots of nostalgia for its late night viewers to enjoy when they put their kids to bed. It fills their time slots with plenty of advertisement (plenty of which are Hasbro’s own) and overall they’re performance has been positively received. Though admittedly it was slow to show major gains.

The only major downside in their performance is that by comparison to Disney and Nickelodeon they aren’t near reaching their net gains. But another way to look at this? They are doing exceedingly well in spite of the fact. So then it makes sense to me why Discovery would want to gain more control over this station. They want to generate more capital for themselves and they want to compete against those aforementioned giants in kids media by taking more direct control of the programming.

It has already been reported that they are going to leave their very profitable morning programming alone and in Hasbro’s control. Meaning we aren’t going to lose Hasbro IP characters in our line up. Instead they are going to try and diversify the evening and prime time programming with new shows and less nostalgia if I had to venture a guess to what they are thinking in the board room. Only time will tell but this leaves me with little to worry about when it comes to enjoying this station and the Hasbro characters that drawn me too it.

So I had a little hiatus from Tumblr and…

I know I’m not the most active on Tumblr. In fact all this month I’ve been a very busy person trying to work hard on earning my promotion at my real life job

… so I would ask that if you sent me an ask to please be patient for me to answer…

That being said … Leon

So, here are my answers to these burning questions of yours.

  1. What is bad for sperm? - This one I don’t mind answering. I’m assuming you’re asking about what contributes to low sperm count. So the answer to that is the following… Obesity, heavy alcohol use, extended marijuana and tobacco use, Overheating (this includes hot tubs and keeping hot laptops sitting on your lap for extended periods of time… which I hope you aren’t doing at the same time), and having high fevers… which if you do have a high fever I would hope sex is the furthest thing from your mind.
  2. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t considered either to be any interest to me sexually.
  3. What is your obsession with kelpies? Are you under the influence of their siren song? Don’t answer.
  4. … I have a distinct feeling you have a thing for marine life. That or you want to marry a marsh and make more deep ones (Lovecraft reference) 
  5. You only slay a dragon one at a time
  6. (What do you think about Hippogriffs?) This question got cut off - I think they are fine, but I haven’t really meet any. They aren’t all that common.

So there you have it mon prince… So now could you please be more patient when you ask someone a question?



So cute


I’m filled with a great need… How did they grow that? Is this real? I must know!