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Kneel before me, for I am Doctor Yaoi Bitch

Bow before me, for I am Giant Fucking Bitch

magical beyonce scum

Princess Yaoi Face

Slutty Mc Scary Fucker 

lil ms baka scum


Magical Fucking Bitch

Hey Guys! I Need Your Help?


David’s birthday is November 3rd and I wanted to make him a t-shirt (through SpreadShirts) as a gift but I have no idea what to do. Now I want it designed by mid October since it’ll be mailed to me. Suggest some ideas of shirts for me to do for him!

Some Things David likes:

  • Golden Retriever 
  • Giraffe 
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Working Out
  • Baking/Cooking
A giraffe anthro who is a bit buff wearing a chefs hat painting a golden retriever from a photo reference.



Tumblr Loves Halloween 

"I will beat your ass"


so, the ending has some of my favorite little bits of animation <3

I think I can safely say, The Film will most likely be done in time for a Halloween release date 8’D




Diana Rose

Been working on this picture for over a year.  Keep forgetting it’s there but I wanted to draw Di and I remembered it suddenly.

Was going to have gloves originally (she tends to have these ornate evening gloves) but I liked the bare skin look for this one better. (I forgot.)

Just a little something for myself.

Incredible work Sali!





Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

"My husky colleagues and I…"

Fun fact: Siberian Huskies are good with children & love to play with them.

I can confirm this. Huskies are incredibly friendly and lovable all the time. But oh boy they have a streak of willfullness in them—they’ll perpetually push whatever boundaries you set for them, and try to get away with naughty stuff the moment you aren’t looking. They’re not bad dogs at all—just a bit belligerent.

I love my dogs. <3


My grandmother owned a husky and she was 1/4th wolf. Her name was Misty. When I was a very little kid and we visited her Misty was my dog and she treated me like I was her pup. Always following me and if I ever was walking away from the house she would literally herd me back to the front porch and roll on her back to invite me to rub her soft belly fur. She was a born nanny dog.