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This is a picture from a good friend of mine named Sketches. She and I roleplay a lot at Fillydelphia and she totally surprised me today with this photo.

This is the family of characters that I roleplay with and they are played by some of my favorite people on that site. I play often as that blue stallion on the far left.

From Right to Left their character names are

  • MojitoJoe
  • Felicity Rose
  • Ariel
  • Daniel Cobalt
  • Milagra_Lilac

Anyways, felt compelled to share this picture with you all. If you have any questions about these ponies or other ponies in Scarlet’s family let me know and I’ll happily answer them.

- Scarlet Rose


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    I think this is some of the most incredible pony art I’ve ever seen
  2. ask-nightsteel said: totaly looks like an adventure time intro picture :D
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    I love Sketches’ stuff. :3 She’s so awesome. Also, Ariel’s so TINY. @.@
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    PS! GO FOLLOW HER! //wednesdaybrony.tumblr.com/